Ashlyn and Andre - Wedding at Tralee, Caledon

Any man who will choreograph-dance to Justin Bieber is either totally nuts or a total keeper. In this case, it's quite obviously the latter. Andre loves his beautiful lady so much, and their personal vows at the ceremony were monumentally tender. Gorgeous Ashlyn's warm presence and light-hearted nature complement Andre's sense of humour perfectly. The two wed amid drops of good luck (ok, it rained a tiny bit) in the fields of Tralee, near Caledon, Ontario. This was a feel-good, romantic wedding, steeped in emotional devotion and love. A huge shout-out packing the dancefloor go to the wonderful DJ Lynz: this girl mixes, remixes, and scratches live, blending top 40 hits with oldies. She can be found HERE. I know you're reading this from St. Lucia Ashlyn and Andre, so enjoy the sneak peek and have a margarita for me!