La Hacienda Sarria Wedding- Kitchener Ontario - Merin and Mathias

The lovely Merin, who I met as a bridesmaid in a wedding last year, is one of the most generous and warm people you'll ever meet; and so is her match Mathias, who's been at her side for 10 or 11 years (they're still amicably mulling over which one). Some of Merin's elementary school kids (she's a teacher) came to the wedding to see their beloved Miss Laxton become Mrs. Cawthra. The reception venue, the Hacienda Sarria seems as though it's been pulled from the Spanish soil of one hundred years ago and planted in a field in Ontario: Small ironwrought details and antique wood, as well indoor archways made this venue a gracious host to a beautiful wedding. Thank you Merin and Mathias allowing me and my cameras to share your joy!