Vanessa and Jon - Wedding at the FireRock Golf Club, London

Last fall, when Jon suggested we use one of his tractors (he owns a construction company) as a location for the engagement shoot, I knew this wedding would be not only be one of beauty, but of unfettered fun too. I think this was my first wedding where I've seen a bride get dressed outside; brave and radiant bride Vanessa stood under a canopy of dramatic clouds to get dressed on a lofty balcony thousands of feet above the city. At FireRock golf club in London Ontario, the grey sky cracked with thunder as soon as vows were said, and a brief torrential rain clattered down around the wedding and guests, safely sheltered under the ceremony's covered porch. The last blessing was only audible to Vanessa and Jon - the people to whom it mattered the most. I loved this wedding! Such a priviledge, Vanesa and Jon!