Christie and Jimmy - Austin engagement photos

I take engagement photos on South Congress in Austin quite a bit. Behind alleys, against storefronts, inside bathrooms (once), but never ever ever at the infamous "I love you so much" sign. Austinites know what I'm talking about: who wants to do it if it's been done? Jimmy and Christie defected from Austin (I don't hold it against them) and landed in Houston. They have one of the most long and winding love stories I've heard, full of bad timing and near misses. Thankfully, fate came to her senses and brought them together, and everything's now blissfully right with their world. As it should be - they shine together. This was a fun photo session; lots of pizza eating, laughter, and a little night-stalking.

Han and Drew - Engagements

Just sharing a couple of sneak peeks from this very fun e-session. Han and Drew are architects, and the two met while working on a design project together. The silhouette pic is actually taken inside this very building. Can't wait for your wedding guys!

Sobia and Francisco - Engaged? Oh you bet.

Toronto couple, Sobia and Francisco are so totally cool in many ways: They're arts people, so I get to play a little more creatively. And, know how most brides grow their hair before their wedding? Our lovely Sobia lopped hers off to fantastic results. When I suggested we do the shoot at a car wash and also at Some 'R' New and Used Tire (REALLY, it's called exactly that) Sobia and Francisco were right on board. So, thank goodness, was hand sanitizer - scaling tires is dirty work. This was such a fun-filled adventure and I feel like Sobia and Francisco are old friends. See you two soon!