Adrian and Kate - Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Wedding in Brooklyn, New York

Adrian came in to Kate's Brooklyn yoga class at Little Flower Yoga on a particularly stormy day. His beautiful yoga teacher said yes to his dinner date invitation months later. Love blossomed, and three years later they were married at the spectacular Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). Adrian (also a Canadian ex-pat) and I went to the same highschool in Canada, athough I came to know him as a friend some years later. Kate is the perfect partner for him - she's passionate, fun, and together they're invested in a genuine and thoughtful level of caring that is truly refreshing to witness. Actually, they're one of the most conscientous couples I've met in so many ways. Their wedding suited them from the ground up: the couple's ceremony incorporated elements from the Quaker tradition, where anyone was invited to say a few encouraging and loving words during the ceremony. And props for the totally incredible vegetarian wedding meal!

Flowers by Suz Reyes Dress (with pockets!) by Rebecca Schoneveld