Seyhoon Family - portraits in Austin Texas

I met the radiant Cori in an unorthodox way... Through an HGTV show. Like me, she and her family's home were picked to be featured on an episode of HGTV's Property Brothers. So, not only did we both bond over the excitement and (sometimes) drama of having our houses renovated in front of the cameras, we both now know every intricate mirage in the world of reality-TV production. Without giving too much away, let's just say "reality" is sometimes a playful interpretation :) It's no surprise the tv cameras loved Cori, her husband Soroosh and their kids; they are model human beings inside and out, and I was so thrilled when they booked me for a shoot. Their house is truly stunning, but as a huge love of texture, who could resist shooting at that old caravan in their neighbor's yard? Thanks so much, Seyhoon family - this was so fun!