Nhung and Alex - Four Seasons Hotel Wedding, Dallas Texas

I met Nhung and Alex in small-town Texas, McKinney to be exact, where we traipsed around flower beds and trees, and I gently suggested they get more cosy with nature than they're likely used to. It was a very fun engagement session, and I knew their wedding would be all fun, but also full of splendor and refined elegance. Hosted by the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel in Dallas, this wedding was as stunning as Nhung herself. These two have a relationship defined by laughter and joy, and things seem to come easy to them. Even this: the girl is *so* lucky - she has the same maiden name as her groom's last name, so non of that name-change stuff. I love Vietnamese weddings for many reasons, and the singing, dancing, and traditional dress were just the icing on the cake of this love-filled, delightful affair. Many warmest wishes to you both!