Emer and Matt: Brighton Ontario Wedding - The Timber House

There are two sides to Emer. As her name suggests, she is as Irish as they come: A regal red-haired gaelic queen. She wooed my cameras, and they totally fell head over heels for her. The other side of Emer is the unexpected: not only is she marrying a solider who comes from a long line of military gents, but she's a tough-as-nails soldier herself. Emer and Matt have been longtime army colleagues and steadfast friends. And then one day our bride realised that the love of her life had been right in front of her for years. Rather, beside her, offering support and love and open arms. Matt is a generous, smart, and loving man, and these two are so lucky to have found in each other a connection based on camaraderie and the most genuine of friendships. Shoutouts to the lovely Alana Salisbury (a former bride of mine) for hooking us up. What an honour, you two!