Fearless Photographers - What stiff competition! So proud of this group.

Every time I enter a contest like this, I hold my breath. There are some monumentally fabulous wedding photographers shooting these days, creating images that completely blow my mind. Wedding photography is quickly becoming recognized as producing some of the best artists in the photographic world. It's a gruelling, invigorating, difficult type of photography to execute: unlike commercical or portraiture, the photographer needs to think quickly, act quickly and create great images out of a very fast-moving and hectic event, where the light changes all the time. One can spend all day tweaking a commercial shot or landscape. With weddings, you often have less than a second - the blink of an eye. Props to all of my uber-talented photographer friends represented in Fearless Photographer's Round 5. This contest awards the world's most talented photogs, and I'm beyond honoured to have 3(!) of my images win these professionally juried awards. Do yourself a huge favour and feast your eyes on the glory of all the winners HERE!