Christine and Chris - A Waterloo Wedding at St. Georges

Chris, Christine, and her fabulous gang of bridesmaids won my heart over multiple times throughout the day. Their wedding, to my utter delight, included a hands-and-knees mass search for wayward rings, and an impromptu ear-piercing (that, to no one's utter delight, least of all bridesmaid Vanda's, got a little less exciting when the salon's gun misfired twice, leaving Vanda with two sorta-kinda holes in her ear). Unpredictable adventures make for the best wedding stories; Chris and Christine's married life together will doubtless have countless amazing chapters, but I know for sure the first one's a great read. Thank you guys for welcoming me so warmly into your day as one of the gang, and for making my sides ache with laughter more than once.