(w) Kristy and Cameron - The Marshes, Ottawa wedding

What a gem of a wedding, and what a fantastic story: the lovely Kristy Brookings was a Human Resources advisor on the hill in Ottawa involved in a new round of hirings. Who should be one of the job applicants, but the smiling, jovial, and evidently good-at-accounting Cameron Chapman? Kristy's instant crush may or may not have helped sway the hiring process, but needless to say, Cameron got the job, they hooked up, he got approval from her (very large, very biker, very tattooed and very nice) father, and now the two are wonderfully wed. The speeches were roll-on-the-floor hilarious, thanks to Cameron's brother Andrew, a Y-TV star and pro comic. I was surrounded by warm natural light, laughter, and beautiful in-love people the whole day. Seriously. What could be better than that?