(p+) What Happens in Vegas wins you good times + $36,000 of cool stuff. Thanks Finao/WPPI/DQstudios/ProDPI etc.

I knew that a few of my good photog friends were heading to Vegas for the WPPI Convention (1000s of photographers in one casino!) and I was kinda sorta mulling over heading there myself, when my good friend and awesome photographer Kirsten Lewis sealed the deal by tweeting three magic words: "photo scavenger hunt." Those who know me know that I'm nuts over this sort of thing, that I'll jump with glee at the mention of anything that encourages public craziness, full-throttle creativity and blazing competitiveness. So.. at 9pm I bought a ticket for a flight that left at 5am. And....Kirsten, Kathryn Krueger, Elizabeth Fladung and I stepped up. And we did it all over 3 crazy days that included screeching around Vegas in cabs/rental cars, tracking down showgirls, making fake puke (we used chewed up oranges and water), crashing weddings, and convincing total strangers to do crazy things with us. Unbelievably, we managed to both attend the actual conference and engage in some near-apocalyptical partying, too. We didn't manage to sleep much, and I was dolling out vitamins on a regular basis. We'll be back at WPPI next year, and get some kind of VIP access? So... get ready for a party in our suite! Please scroll down through all of the photos, and check out the links of my amazing photographer lady-pals listed after the photos. They all rock at the highest level! These are a selection of my faves from our entry: Clue: "Take a photo with 2 team members and an Elvis impersonator." sac el

Clue: "Take a photo with one team member and three 7s on a slot machine." We dragged Beth (what a trooper!) through the casino in the face mask. We also were kindly asked to not take photos but sneakily snapped this anyway. 4-beth Clue: "Using all 4 team members, illustrate that "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas." So, because we also had to operate the camera and have all of us in the photo, this is a composite image. I madly stitched it together. There's that fake puke! scav happens Clue: "Get Jerry Ghionis to autograph one team member's body part." I thought we could do a classy film noir moustache type thing. Kathryn is radiant, as usual, even with a fake 'stache. kathrynlips2_KKedit Clue: "Show one team member in a prize partner's booth, wearing a Finao t-shirt." Beth, with the fabulous (and Canadian!) Dave and Quin Cheung of DQ studios (of QUIKEYS fame). scavdq Clue: "Take a photo with a Vegas showgirl in costume." We had to bribe someone at Bally's to let us take this photo, but showgirl Shelby was an absolute sweetie and we totally wanted to kidnap her! shelby final-1_KKedit Clue: "Take a cheesy wedding photo at a Vegas wedding. Bonus points for a real bride and groom." Yep and yep. And Kirsten got to wear my workout shorts in public. scav couple Clue: "Get one team member to give their best Elton John impersonation." Kirsten gets to dress up round two! We did actually manage to crash a real piano bar, where I convinced the patrons to act like crazed Elton fans while K fake-played the piano. Here's a little p-shopped poster I put together. elton poster

A link to the winning entry video. It's, er, a little incriminating. Excuse the bedhead, the public mischief etc. Watch it big so you can read the clues! It'll make more sense that way. Kudos to the queen of stop-motion, the indomitable Kirsten Lewis. Play this Crazy Video!

PROPS! Here are the sites of my dear teamies! I can't wait to see all you ladies soon: Elizabeth Lloyd Fladung, Kirsten Lewis, Kathryn Krueger. Most generous prize partners are: FINAO (amazing albums), DQ Studios, Pro DPI labs The Bebbs (for donating the Bebbinar seats), Seldex, Critsey Rowe and more!