(p) A Most Fabulous Vegas Wedding

In the next post, I'll tell you all about our Vegas Photo Scavenger  Hunt win, and how me and 3 photographer girl-pals had an absolute blast in Vegas and won over $36,000 worth of photo prizes -- all without gambling! For now, I just wanted to share some images from one of the most touching weddings I have ever seen. Although we "crashed" this wedding as part of our scavenger-hunt hijinx (with the couple's permission!), I took some extra photos for the couple. I'd never seen a Vegas drive-thru wedding, and this one was perfect. I loved Roddy the Super Elvis. I loved the  groom's "groom" baseball hat and tuxedo tee. I loved the painted cherubs. Mostly, I loved how this couple were so happy that even looking at the photos again makes me a little teary. Gosh I love my job!