If you have a Sis, use that Sis!

Salimah’s sister is every bit as lovely and sweet as Salimah. How did these two incredibly smart, talented women both came from the same family? Props to their parents; their bond was so strong, and they were orbited in each other’s vicinity all day. Personally, I can’t imagine my upcoming wedding without my wonderful sister Elsa, who is truly one of the most impressive and inspiring women I know. Hooray for the sisters! Doin’ it for each other!


Rose and Topaz in Marfa

Rose and Topaz are the colors of the earth and sky in Marfa Texas. Rose and Topaz (the couple) are artists rooted in Austin Texas, where their creative connection propels their band, Golden Dawn Arkestra  into imagined worlds of cosmic sights and sounds. The incredible Marfa Wedding design by Lizzy Wetzel at Marfa Magic Hour, was, as always, inspired and elegant.  Spiritual, unrestrained, heartfelt: no words can do this West Texas wedding justice.