Sima and Armin - Magnolia Ballroom, Houston wedding

Over the last few weeks, I've had the pleasure of documenting a Thai wedding, two Vietnamese weddings and a Persian wedding in Houston Texas. Presenting Sima and Armin and their drop-dead gorgeous Persian wedding set at the lovely Magnolia Ballroom in Houston: There are so many things I could gush about regarding the Persian (Iranian) wedding culture: The feast of honey, nuts and nougat spread out for the couple during the ceremony; the bride's custom of playing cute and deadpan silence when asked to agree to marry her groom, and the bridesmaids' equally coy responses of "the bride has gone to pick flowers." Sima is as delightfully fun as she is beautiful, and Armin was one of those grooms who really cares deeply: about his lovely lady, and about the importance of their wedding. For a beautiful day, I want to thank you two so sincerely!