Rose and Topaz in Marfa

Rose and Topaz are the colors of the earth and sky in Marfa Texas. Rose and Topaz (the couple) are artists rooted in Austin Texas, where their creative connection propels their band, Golden Dawn Arkestra  into imagined worlds of cosmic sights and sounds. Really, if you're in Austin, you should catch this highly performative band. Two of the most genuine people I know, Rose and Topaz chose to hold their wedding in Marfa, Texas. Following a sweet courthouse wedding ceremony on Friday, they hosted their public ceremony and party at the most gorgeous Airbnb place I've seen. Event design by Lizzy Wetzel at Marfa Magic Hour, was, as always, totally on point.  For those who haven't travelled to West Texas, the creative desert enclave of Marfa is one of the most magical places on earth. Spiritual, unrestrained, heartfelt: no words can do this wedding justice. 

Casey and Monica - Springdale Farms Wedding in Austin

Springdale Farms in East Austin is a small wonderland of sighing trees, dappled light and lush vegetable gardens. I pass it every day, as it's only a couple blocks from home, although It seemed particularly enchanted on Casey and Monica's wedding day.  Both women are utterly magical human beings; warm and empathetic, and deeply in love. The couple brought in their favorite wine, and picked an incredible menu from Eden East. It was an extreme honor to spend time documenting Monica and Casey, and their amazing crew of loving friends and family members.