On life, love and being a photographer...

Most kids saw their parents making out and thought "ewww." I was the unconditionally sappy one who thought "awwww!" I've always loved love, and believe that it should be treasured, increased, celebrated, and documented. 

Over the last ten years I've photographed weddings in at least 7 different countries and lectured on photography as far away as Amsterdam. I'm honored to have been chosen as International Society of Wedding and Portrait's Photographer as the Quarter, and have received other awards and publications.  After over a decade of making photos, I strongly feel that the most important piece of gear isn't a fancy camera (although I certainly have several of those!) but a deep dedication to showing connection and love. I focus on artful moment-driven photography, but also shoot the details, group shots and portraits that you need for your event. 

I'll glady share whole recent galleries, and genuinely love talking to everyone and anyone about why great photography matters. 

I live with my partner Cody (an artist, synth-builder and incredible photographer) of 2+ years and our sweet Devon Rex in the heart of Austin Texas. While the occasional "y'all" sometimes slips out, I'm actually Canadian and British by citizenship. 

I'm currently booking for 2016 and beyond, so please get in touch. I look forward to talking to you!